After weeks of hard campaigning, your supplies and rations are all but
exhausted. Your party set up camp just outside of Hillsfar. You had
thought to make a quick stop at the city to gather supplies, maybe
drop into your guild to see what things are like. You had no idea what
you were getting into as you stepped through the gates...
No weapons allowed inside the gates! Magic? Only his Excellency the
First Lord's magic is allowed in Hillsfar. Also his Excellency does
not allowed training up levels within Hillsfar. The dreaded Red Plumes
see all and tolerate no threat to the enforced law and order of the

A FORGOTTEN REALMS game adventure, and part of TSR's latest
ADVANCED DUNGEONS & DRAGONS gaming system. Hillsfar promises adventure
and Intrigue that will challenge any potential hero. There are several
different quests to complete for each of the four character classes.
Hillsfar was the most open city on the Moonsea until the council was
overthrown. The merchant-mage Maalthiir, self proclaimed First Lord of
Hillsfar, now rules the region with an iron fist. Shrewd, ruthless,
and independent, he hasn't made many allies, and Hillsfar struggles to
hold its own against the surrounding power lords who eye the wealthy
port city with greed interest. Law and order are maintained by the
dreaded Red Plumes, Maalthiir's mercenary guard, who stalks
the city night and day, watching all. Ah! But a city under tight
control is a city of opportunity to any worthwhile adventurer. With no
weapons and little magic, your wits and agility are your best chance
to overcome the puzzles and mysteries surrounding Hillsfar. Your
welfare will depend on how well you can figure out mazes, pick a lock,
ride a horse (and not get thrown), squeeze information from the pub,
and overcome the countless obstacles yet to be unearthed. Despite the
recent revolution, Hillsfar remains the Jewel of Moonsea. Wealth and
adventure await you in the city pubs, the guilds for each class, the
cemetary, the archery range, the sewers, the haunted mansion, the
magicuser's tower. Maalthiir's castle, and most of all, the Arena. If
you're lucky, you'll only be roughed up for crossing a Plume. If not,
you'll be thrown into the Arena, fighting for your life and for
Maalthiir's amusement. With staves and poles, you must rely on
ingenuity and quick reflexes to get you out of this mess.
Have you the right tools to pick that complicated lock? Think you can
hold your own in the Arena? Glancing up at the scowling Red Plumes
guarding the gate, you certainly hope so. No one ever said that
adventuring was easy, and stepping through gates to enter Hillsfar,
you begin to realize why.

:Load a character to ride to Hillsfar   >>Loading a already created
:Create a Hillsfar character            >>Create a new character
:Save your current Hillsfar character   >>Saving game
:Remove a Hillsfar character            >>Delete a unwanted character
:Transfer a character                   >>Transfer a char from Pools
                                          of Radiance
:Make a Hillsfar save game disk         >>Making a Hillsfar save game

You must create a character to seek adventure and accomplish quests in
Hillsfar. Characters are differentiated by their race, ability scores, and

Dwarf:  This is a cunning race of sturdy workers and craftsmen. They
        can be fighters and thieves at the same time.
Elf:    As tall as humans but slimmer, they can be fighters, magic-
        users, thieves, fighter/magic-users, fighter/thieves, magic
        users/thieves, and fighter/magic-user/thieves. Elves also have
        a better chance of finding hidden objects.
Gnomes: Members of this race are shorter and slimmer than their
        cousins the dwarves. They can be fighters, thieves, or
Half-Elf:These hybrids have many of the virtues of both humans and elves.
        Like elves, they can be more than one class at once.
Halfing:These folk are about half the size of a human, hence their name.
        They have little ability with magic, but are resistant to its
        influences. They can be fighters, magic-users, clerics, and thieves.
Humans: This is the most common player race in the Forgotten Realms. They
        have unlimited progression as fighters, magic-users, clerics, and

You will have to select whether your character will be male or female.
As the race selection, highlight your choice and press the space bar or fire
button when ready.

A description of the classes is listed below.
Cleric:  The cleric is a holy crusader whop fights for the causes of
         his religion. Due to religious restrictions, he cannot use a
         cutting weapon that draws blood. such as a sword or an arrow, but
         can use any form of armor and use crushing weapons, such as a mace.
Fighter: The fighter can use any form of armor or weapon including
         magic ones, but most other magical items, & all magical spells are
         beyond him.
MagicUser:The magic-user is potentially the most powerful
         character class, but he starts out weak. Initially, he has very few
         Hit Points. In addition, he cannot memorize many spells, and must
         carefully husband his spells until he gains more through
         advancement in level. Magic-Users cannot use any form of armor or
         any weapon other than a dagger, dart of staff. However, there are
         magic items only magic-users can use.
Thief:   The thief uses trickery and misdirection-instead of brute force-to
         win his objective. This is only the profession in which
         demihumans may climb as far as any human. Indeed, halfings and
         elves are especially adept in this craft. To be a proficient thief
         a character must have high dexterity. Thieves must stick to
         leather-based armor and have restricted lists of weapons.
Multiple Classes: Non human races can sometimes be a combination of
         classes. When a character is more than one class, his Hit Points
         per level are averaged among the classes involved. However, his
         experience is split between the two classes even when he cannot
         advance further in one of them. He gains all the benefits of both
         classes in regard to weapons and equipment.

         Alignment is the philosophy a character lives by. While the actions
         of a character are under your control, the character's alignment can
         affect how NPCs in the game view him. The computer will provide all
         the possible alignments for you to choose from.

         Ability scores are base on a range from 3 (low) to 19 (high). You
         have the option of re-rolling your chracetr's scores or keeping
         them. Keep rerolling your character until you have the ability
         scores you desire. A description of the ability scores follows:

Strength (Str). This is the measure of how much a character can carry
and how much damage he can do in a fight. Strength is a fighter's most
important attribute.
Intelligence (Int). This is the measure of how much a character can
ultimately memorize. Intelligence is a magic-user's most important
Wisdom (Wis). This is the measure of a character's ability to understand
the ways of the world and interact with it. Wisdom is a cleric's most
important attribute.
Dexterity (Dex). This is the measure of the manual dexterity and
agility of the character. Dexterity is a thief's most important
Constitution (Con). This is the measure of the overall health of a
character. It has a major effect on how many hit points a character
Charisma (Cha). This is the measure of how well the character interacts with
other characters. It is sometimes a factor when a character has an
encounter with a Non-Player Character, usually called an NPC.

This is the last step in creating your character. Your character's
name may have up to 15 letters in it. After choosing the name, you
will be asked whether you wish to save your character.
Two additional character attributes which will appear in the summary
screen are explained below:

Hit Points (hp). This attribute is derived from a character's
constitution, his level, and his character class (see below). Every
time a character is hit he loses Hit Points. A character with many Hit
Points can survive longer than one with few Hit Points. When a
character reaches 0 Hit Points he is dead.
Experience Points (EX). As a character adventures and accumulates
treasure, he gains Experience Points. The more experience points, the
more proficient the character is in his class.

From camp you will be given a horse to ride to Hillsfar and other
points of interest outside the city. A map of the outskirts of the
city is used for selection of your destination. You may hightlight the
possible routes to
travel by pressing the arrow keys. Press the space bar to ride on the
path you selected. From certain points, like the camp, your selection
may be limited to only one path.
Occasionally, a question mark will appear where you horse is. When
this happens you will have the option of attempting to ride on a
forgotten trail.
If you wish to try an unmarked trail, press the space bar when the
question mark appears. It has been said that some of these trails lead
to fame, fortune, and danger.
The horse and rider are controlled by using the keypad or a joystick.
Moving the joystick or arrow keys right to speed up and left to slow
down. Moving the joystick up or hitting the up arrow key commands the
horse to jump, and down on the joystick or arrow keys will cause the
rider to duck flying birds or arrows.
If you find a Rod of Blasting, you may use it to destroy obstacles on
the riding path. To use the Rod of Blasting, press the fire button on
the joystick or press the space bar. All Rods have a specified number
of charges and when used up, they will disappear.
Beware! The footpaths and roads are treacherous indeed! You will have
to jump and duck obstacles along these paths lest you be thrown from
your horse. Some of the objects you will have to avoid includes bales
of hay, ditches and holes, puddles, fences, bushes, and tree stumps.
Every time you misjudge an obstacle, you will run the risk of losing
your horse. Although certain horses are more loyal than others many
will abandon its owner when pushed to its limit. If this happens, a
list of options will appear:
Walk on ahead: This option may let yoy walk to the destination you
Look for a horse: Search for a horse. If you find one, you will
continue onward.
Wait for passerby: Wait for someone to pass by who will take you to
the trading post.
Start walking back: This option returns you to your starting location.
Keep in mind that whenever your steed gallops away, you will be in
danger of being robbed or worse.

Once you have successfully reached Hillsfar, you will find yourself in
the upper tight-hand corner of the city, represented by a flashing
This is where the stables are and where you must go in order to leave
the city.
On the left side of the screen, you will see a 3-D view of buildings
in front of you. To turn, use the left and right arrow keys. To move
forward use the up arrow. To turn around 180 degrees, use the down
arrow. Move the joystick in the same directions to move forwardm
right, left and to turn 180 degrees.
On the lower left side of the screen you will see the status of your
character and what he is carrying. Always watch your character's Hit
Points. If you run out of these, your character will die. Also
displayed are the number of knock rings and healing potions in your
Depending on your character's class, you will want to find a pub or
guild. Take time and become acquainted with the city. You will notice
that the message window will move between two positions on the screen.
When you are in the northern part of the city, the message window will
be on the bottom half of the screen. When you are in the southern part
of the city, the message window will be one the top half of the
Many times in the game you will be given clues and quests. In some
areas of the city you may need to look for items, clues or people. To
examine an area closely press the space or fire button.

R            - Recall the last clue given.
S            - Toggle the sound on or off.
P            - Use a healing potion
<-- or ESC   - Pause the game.

For practice or for gold you can set your sights at Tanna's Target
Range. For a small fee, Tanna will allow you to compete against other
marksmen for fame and gold.
Upon entering the range, you will see a list of scores and the amount
of the purse you will receive if you exceed them. You will be told the
entrance fee and asked if you wish to participate.
If you want to participate, you will be asked if you want to practice
first. The only differences between practice and competition is that
you are not charged for practice, and you cannot collect any awards or
have your score added to the list.
Once you have made your choice, you will be asked to choose the weapon
you wish to rent. You may rent a sling, daggers, darts, or a bow and
some arrows.
Sling - the only weapon that is usable by a cleric.
Dagger - the heaviest weapon available.
Darts - faster and lighter than daggers.
Arrow - the fastest weapon.
Wand - for mages only.
Once you have selected a weapon. it will be time to show what you're
made of.
The targets will vary in value depending on their difficulty. The
joystick or keypad controls the motion of the cross hairs. Use the
space bar or button to fire. You will notice as you aim your weapon
that seems to drift. The higher the dexterity you have, the less drift
there will be.
Keep your eye on the windmill. It will tell you how fast the wind is
blowing. To make an accurate shot, you must adjust for windage. The
lighter the weapon is, the more it will be affected by the wind.
Be accurate! You have only ten shots to beat the scores on the list.
Once you have fired your last shot of ammunition, you will be given
your rating and awarded any prizes you may have won. Don't be
discouraged if you don't do well in the first few rounds; even William
Tell had to practice.

In the course of your travels in Hillsfar, you will sooner or later
end up at the arena. In the arena you may fight for wealth, fame,
honor, or perhaps pay for a crime you've committed. While the arena is
generally favored by fighters, anyone is allowed to compete. Most
arena battles are fought until one of the fighters is knocked
senseless. When fighting as a result of serious crimes, death becomes
a distinct possibility.

JOYSTICK:                     _   up
                             | | special block
                           __| |___
 left;block left          /o |_|  /|    right:block right
                         /_______/ /
with button:attack left  |_______|/    with button:attack right

                   special attack

Each opponent you meet in the arena will have his own fighting style.
To defeat your opponent study his fighting style. Exploit his
weaknesses; beware of his strengths. When you fight in the arena, you
will be armed with a staff. The first person to knock his opponent
unconcious is the victor.

Whether you are a thief or not, there will come a time when someone
has locked up something you want. If you're not a thief, you may
resort to bashing down a door, or smashing a treasure chest. But if
you are a thief, or you have hired an NPC thief and you have a set of
picks, other options may be open to you.
When come upon a locked door or chest with yor trusty set of picks in
hand, you will be asked if you want to pick the lock. If you do, the
lock picking screen will be displayed.
Locks must be picked one tumbler at a time, from left to right. To
pick the lock, use the arrow keys or the joystick to select the pick
which matches the tumbler. Use the fire button or the space bar to
flip the pick over if necessary. Hit the return key to try it on the
tumbler. If you choose the wrong
pick or the wrong end of the pick, you might break it. Sometimes you
may not have all the picks necessary to open a lock. When this
happens, press the 'E' key before trying any picks and you will leave
the lock.
It is possible that a tumbler may be jammed. You will have to stick
the pick in more than once to force a jammed tumbler down.
Note: There is a greater chance of breaking a pick when trying to
force a jammed tumbler. Keep in mind that while broken picks are
displayed, they cannot be used until you have them fixed. Some locks
are tougher than other locks and some locks are trapped. Putting the
wrong pick into a trap is almost certain to set it off.
If you're successful put the correct pick into the lock, the tumbler
will fall, giving you access to the next one. When you pick the last
tumbler, the chest or door will open. You will only have a short
amount of time in which to pick a lock. Should you fail to pick the
lock within the time limit, any traps it has are almost certain to go
Once you become familiar with your picks, you should have no trouble
opening any lock as long as you have theright picks. If you have
trouble picking a lock, you may used the "F" key to attempt to force
the lock or the "Z" key to use a knock ring (if you have one).

If you're not a thief and don't have a thief NPC with you, or if you
don't have a set of lock picks, you can still open the lcoks. When you
find a lock door or chest, you will be asked if you want to open it.
If you do, you will be provided with the list of options below. Some
of the options may not be available.

LEAVE! DO NOT TRY THIS LOCK: This option will only be available until
you attempt some other form of opening the lock.
USE PHYSICAL STRENGTH TO FORCE IT: Attempt to use brute force to open
the lock. Be careful, if the lock is trapped you may set it off.
PICK THE LOCK WITH A SMALL OVBJECT: By using this option, you will be
attempting to pick the lock with a small stick or a straight piece of
metal. Be careful, if the lock is trapped you may set it off.
USING A KNOCK RING: If you have a knock ring, you may use it to
attempt to open a lock. Knock rings are available to all character
classes within Hillsfar. Knock rings will open one lock per ring
because a knock ring is consumed by the energy required to unlock the
USE THE CHIME OF OPENING: This is a magical item that can be used to
force all of the tumblers down. Of course, you have to find the chime
of opening first... You will only have a short period of time to open
the lock and when the time runs out, you are returned to where you
came from.

As part of the adventuring in Hillsfar, you will have many
opportunities to enter the buildings in the city, as well as sewers,
hedge mazes and othe labryinths. It is important that you investigate
many of these thoroughly.
Valuable items, information, and gold can be found in these places.
Be warned, many of these places are protected by guardians or the Red
Plume Guards themselves. In many cases, you will only have a limited
amount of time to collect whatever you can. In most cases you will
want to collect as much as you can and then find the exit, which
appears as a stairway leading down, before the guards find you.
Everytime a guard or guardian touches you, the total time
remaining, which is displayed at the top of the screen, will decrease.
Once there is no time remaining, the first guard who touches you will
capture you. If this happens, you will lose all the items you have
collected, and possibly be senetenced to a fight to the death in the
arena. If you are caught within the castle, you will always wind up in
the arena. Moving through the maze is accomplished by using the arrow
keys or the joystick. Move as quickly as you can and be wary of traps.


BUILDING                           HOURS
1) Arena........................8 am - 11 pm
2) Archery......................8 am -  3 pm
3) Bank.........................8 am -  3 pm
4) Book Store...................8 am -  3 pm
5) Castle.......................Never Open
6) Cemetary.....................12 am - 7 am
7) Temple of Tempus.............Always open
8) Stables......................Always open
9) Fighter's Guild..............Always open
10) Haunted Mansion.............Never open
11) Healer shops................8 am -  3 pm
12) Jail........................Never open
13) Mages' Guild................Always open
14) Mages' shops................8 am -  3 pm
15) Mages' Tower................8 am -  3 pm
16) Pubs........................5 pm -  7 am
17) Sewers......................Always open
18) Rogue's Guild...............Always open

Note: The guilds are always open to their class, and always closed to
all other classes.
Hints: To get into the jail, pick the first few tumblers with picks
and force the last tumber open by pressing 'F'.
Always try to hire a rogue if you can. They help you in your ventures
of picking locks.